With or without Court Interpreter’s seal and stamp (Certified Legal translations require this stamp)

Document Format

The documents may be provided in original, a true or verified copy or in electronic form. The translated documents will be handed personally, sent by Registered post or electronically, where possible.

Personal Documents:

– ID
– Passport
– Driver’s License
– Vehicle Registration and Ownership Certificate
– Medical Card and Medical Record
– Vaccination Certificate
– Birth Certificate
– Marriage Certificate
– Last Will and Testament
– Citizenship Certificate, Proof of Citizenship
– Clearance Certificate, Criminal Record Certificate, Pending Charges Certificate
– Marital Status Certificate, Civil Status Certificate
– Residence Certificate

Court Documents and Notarised Documents

– Court Judgements, Sentences, Orders, Warrants and Testimonies
– Power of Attorney

Diplomas, Report Cards, Certificates issued by Institutions of Education:

– University Diploma
– High School Diploma
– High School Report Cards and Transcripts
– Elementary School Report Cards and Transcripts
– Statement of Results
– Academic Transcripts
– Parents Income Statement
– Statement of Student Status

Business and Professional Documentation:

– Contracts
– Registration Statement, Statement of Information
– Bidding Documents (Standard or otherwise)
– Employment Statement
– Tax Returns
– Foundation Act

Marketing and correspondence

– Presentations (Power Point or otherwise)
– Advertisements, brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, flyers
– Business Correspondence
– Websites

Translation of texts pertinent to:

education, (books, textbooks and manuals, magazines and newspaper articles),  IT, medicine and pharmacology, science, technical documentation, marketing,economy, finances and banking, politics, psychology i sociology, construction and real estate, ecology and environmental protection and tourism

Translating and subtitling of movies, TV shows and other programs.

Depending on the length of the text, there is a possibility of a discount.


Consecutive and Simultaneous

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